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Rental Buildings

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* please make sure to enter the correct email, as the final report will be forwarded to this email.
Property info
* Please enter the full building address, including the zipcode above. (123 Example St. 11103)
* Only choose New Construction if you have the most up to date pay app, or specific costs. If you purchased the home from a builder with no cost data proceed as a purchase.
Price and size info
* Do not include land value. This should be all construction costs that will be capitalized, including soft costs, without land value. * If part of a 1031 exchange list only new depreciable basis in "Total purchase price" field and enter zero (0) for land value. Total purchase price- less land value- less amount of 1031 exchange = xxxxx enter this amount above.
*If the land value has been accounted for or there is no land value, please input a 0.
Don't see your building type? Contact us for help. We cannot account for every type of tenant that may be present in your strip plaza, if you feel your situation is not addressed or unique please reach out.
This is the plot of land on which your building sits on. If you own the land your building sits on, please input the total site size but DO NOT INCLUDE any areas of natural vegetation (wooded areas) or areas that have not been improved with landscaping, parking areas, etc. As an example, if your total site is 10,000SF, but only half is improved, please use 5,000SF. If you do not own the land your building sits on, please input the square footage that corresponds to the building's 1st floor footprint. (3,000SF home, 3 stories (3,000/3). Your building footprint would be 1,000SF. Please use the 1,000 number for your total site amount. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.
Please do not include if condo.
Building Info
Bath with sink, tub or shower, and toilet.
toilet and sink only
laundry room or laundry hook-ups
* No Above Ground Pools.
*If the Swimming Pool is Fully Outside
*If the Swimming Pool is Fully Inside
*If the Swimming Pool is Inside and Outside
*If the Swimming Pool is Inside and Outside
* bath with sink, tub or shower, and toilet.
* Toilet and sink only.
* Laundry room or laundry hook-ups.
* This is the total fan amount for the whole complex.
* Enter total quantity for entire complex
Estimate & provide approximate percentages of each type of flooring present in your building totaling 100%
Improvements Info New Construction Costs Info
NO CONSUMABLES OR MAINTENANCE COSTS SHOULD BE ADDED (ie. games, food, utility bills, gifts, mowing the lawn, etc.)
Please enter all soft costs below: (any costs that are not direct construction costs such as design, fees, taxes etc.)
Please enter all site costs below: (any costs that pertained to site improvement such as asphalt paving, pipe bollards, etc)
Please enter all building costs below: (any costs that pertained to the building such as flooring, plumbing, hvac, etc.)

Is the Unit(s) used for:

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Add Audit Defense for $195

When choosing this option, should you become the subject of an audit, and questions arise in reference to the cost segregation study you purchased from diycostseg.com, you will receive audit support. This will include all necessary detail to back up the numbers originally provided, at no additional cost other than direct cost of travel to visit the site. We require that you provide detailed photographs/videos of the entire property when you are subject to an audit. We will also communicate with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf defending the results of the study.

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